Better answers come from asking better questions.

A new approach

Consulting Services Focused on Your Needs

Understanding the complexity of your organization and designing solutions that allow you to address your challenges doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Whether you need to address large-scale change or a small-scale operational assessment, we’ll work with you to design an assessment and implementation strategy that will help you succeed.

Improve the quality and cost effectiveness of your organization.

CESO Consulting was formed to help organizations improve the quality and cost effectiveness of their services. At a time when expectations have never been higher, uncertainty is increasing, and resources are increasingly constrained, getting to the right answer has never been more important. CESO Consulting helps you get better answers through our processes, partnerships, and products.


You Have a Lot to Do. We Help You Get It Done.

We specialize in working with public agencies and the private companies that support them. Our services promote high-quality services that respond to changing circumstances while managing cost.

  • Operational Assessment
  • Bell Time Change Management
  • Insourcing & Outsourcing Transition
  • School Start Time Evaluations
  • School Boundaries and Enrollment
  • Transportation Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Technology Acquisition and Implementation
  • School Bus and White Fleet Replacement and Maintenance
  • Transportation funding and financing models
  • Use of alternative services
  • Technology acquisition and integration
  • Staffing and policy development
  • Safety and training program design and development
  • Operational risk management assessments and mitigation
  • Leadership development and training