Collaborative Transportation

The first end-to-end solution to address cross-district routing for McKinney-Vento & Special Education students. 

Just-in-time transportation with no minimums

Pay only for what you need and still get the most efficient rates with the best-in-class safety by NAPT. 

Submit Student Info

Simply enter all required student information and our team takes your transportation needs from there. 

Pair with other districts

Mckinney-Vento and Special Education routing highly benefits from cross-district collaboration. NAPT Collaborative gives districts unprecedented access to the collaboration economy. 

Adaptive Routing

Our logistics methodology allows us to quickly adapt to a evolving student needs while maintaining driver consistency. 

Match Optimal Vendor

Our Vendor Network brings a new level of standardized safety while unlocking transparency and cost efficiencies.

Student Tracking & Support

We leverage best-in-class technology that connects parents to real-time information about their child’s schedule and location. Parents also have access to live support for for any questions they may have.

Real-time Invoice

Our invoices are created from real-time routing data, ensuring you only pay for actual run time.

Why the Collaborative

NAPT Collaborative was formed to address the emerging challenges facing student transportation. We’re assessing the best ways to standardize safety, create new efficiencies and reduce the organizational lift required to route McKinney-Vento and Special Education students.