Why NAPT Collaborative?

NAPT Collaborative was launched in response to the rapidly evolving K12 student transportation landscape and the need for holistic solutions.


NAPT Collaborative approaches complex problems through comprehensive research and innovation that leads to creating and deploying solutions. Big challenges require a diverse group of minds to analyze and solve them — our Board of Advisors steer the conversation with precision and expertise as we hone in on new ways to address the toughest problems in student transportation.

Board of Advisors

Amy Avery

Bank of America
Senior Vice President and Head of Analytics, Research and Insight

John W. Borkowski, Esq.

Husch Blackwell LLP

Christopher A. Hart, J.D.

National Transportation Safety Board
Former Chairman

Eric Sheninger

International Center for Leadership Education (ICLE)
Associate Partner

David J. Lewis

ASBO International
Executive Director

Terra Z. Snider, Ph.D.

Start School Later, Inc.
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Emily Oster, Ph.D.

Brown University
Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Brian E. Waller

Verifi Inc.
Vice President, Global Issuer Partnerships

L. Oliver Robinson, Ph. D.

Shenendehowa Central School District
Superintendent of Schools

Jennifer Lindberg

Sr. Global Portfolio Leader - Conspicuity

Executive Team

Mike Martin


Mike Martin has been Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer for the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) since 1995.

Over the course of a professional career that has spanned 5 decades, Mike has been responsible for all aspects of management and operations including strategic planning; legal, political and public affairs; staff development; budgeting, finance and asset management; facilities management; federal and private sector grants management; contract negotiation and management; new product development; and, most importantly, member service.

He has extensive experience working with individuals and organizations in both the public and private sectors and takes special pride in his ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people and audiences.  He is well-known for consistently initiating efforts to unite people and organizations and relishes opportunities to forge partnerships focused on a common goal or interest.

Luke Frederick

Business Development

Luke Frederick has worked with over 300 organizations to align their brand, services and products. He specializes in helping districts and schools connect to their communities through omni-channel marketing solutions.

As the Vice President of Business Development at the Center for Effective School Operations [CESO] — a Minneapolis-based school district operations and logistics firm — Luke helps leverage national reach and political gravitas with next-level logistics and operations expertise to bring solutions to life.

Lance Libengood

Operations Coordinator

Lance Libengood has worked with more than 60 districts to safely route their students, communicate with parents, and navigate boundary changes with school boards. For nine years, he served in school transportation leadership before devoting his time and energy to helping solve the logistical challenges he faced every day on the district side.

Lance is president of The Center for Effective School Operations [CESO] — a Minneapolis-based school district operations and logistics firm — and has over 15 years of experience serving students and families.

National Association for Pupil Transportation® (NAPT®)

The National Association for Pupil Transportation® (NAPT®) is the world’s premier market space for public and private student transportation service providers and the companies that provide valuable products and services to support safe school transportation. We believe transportation is integral to education, an invaluable component of a successful educational enterprise. Yellow school buses bring nearly 25 million children to and home from school every school day on regular route service; these buses also transport another 3 to 5 million children every school day on activity and field trips.


The National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) is a diverse community of people that share a passion for safe and efficient student transportation. Our non-profit organization offers school districts and their transportation and transportation-related service providers a variety of communication, leadership, education, advocacy and research services. To learn more about us, please visit www.napt.org


  • We always have and always will do our best to treat everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • We are committed to ensuring NAPT is a diverse and inclusive organization.
  • We believe in superior customer service, personalized whenever practicable.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do, but if/when we fail, we promise to learn from the experience and do better next time.
  • We always try to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that help the student transportation industry and the association grow.
  • We partner with those who support us and want us to succeed.