Bus driver shortage & beyond

It's time to
Rethink Possible

Student transportation is rapidly changing, requiring a new approach

Over the last decade, the NAPT and its members have identified a growing shift in transportation needs within our school districts. NAPT Collaborative was launched to come alongside the industry and help innovate new solutions that address the needs head on. 

We're stronger together and can tackle the toughest issues through research, innovation and collaboration.

NAPT Collaborative was formed on this belief. The toughest issues require a holistic approach from a diverse group of individuals and organizations, and we welcome every passionate and willing contributor.

Solutions focused on your immediate and long term needs.

We understand that solving tough problems takes time and immense energy. This is why we have also made it a core focus to solve the immediate as we tackle the larger challenges.

Our moonshot

Driver Shortage

Changing public perception about the value of transporting students, creating greater efficiencies, educating best hiring/retention strategies, and policy reform. 


Creating clarity around electrifying our nation’s school bus fleets and bringing standard certification to vendors.

Evolving Modes

Ensuring new modes of transporting students are safe, efficient, and accountable to the same standards as the yellow school bus.


Working in collaboration with the government, schools, and the private sector to stay ahead of emerging threats to school district networks.


How can we partner with you?

We understand the varying challenges and complexities that each school and organization face and provide services tailored to those specific needs.

The bus driver shortage is a complex challenge and requires a localized approach. NAPT Collaborative will come alongside you and develop short and long-term solutions to address the bus driver shortage in your district.

Whether you’re a large district with limited driver availability or a school organization working to improve accessibility for homeless youth, our collaborative approach to transportation leverages our network of vendors to ensure the safe and effective transportation of your students.

Whether you need to address large-scale change or a small scale operational assessment, NAPT Collaborative will work with you to design an assessment and implementation strategy that will help you succeed.